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Hi everybody,
Today we want to talk about an important summertime topic: the HEAT!!
Hot weather can be a big challenge for your pets. They can suffer from overheating and dehydration, even life-threatening heat stroke.
Each day, check multiple times to make sure your pets have clean, fresh water. Pets who go outdoors need plenty of fresh water and access to shade. Dog houses can trap heat and should not be considered a source for shade.
Overweight or older pets, pets with heart or lung disease, and short nosed breeds like pugs or English Bulldogs or Persian cats are extra sensitive to heat and can develop problems extra quickly.
Car trips can be fun for some pets. (We personally view them as an excuse for extra howling). But pets should never, ever be left in a hot car for any time at all. In warm temperatures, the inside of a car can heat up to dangerous, life threatening, levels in a matter of a few minutes. For this reason, many local governments have ordinances against leaving pets unattended in vehicles. So, if you leave your pets in the car, even for a few teensy minutes, you could be subject to having your car windows broken out, your pets confiscated, and a big, fat fine! I know many pets love to ride, but if you are going to make any stops at all and you cannot bring your pets in with you, it is best to leave Fido at home. Also, just to make doubly sure you don't forget your pet is in the car, put a reminder, like a leash, in the front seat, on your purse on in your lap-something you will be sure to see before leaving the car.
If you suspect your pet is suffering from overheating, get him to a cool environment, apply cool towels to the head, chest and neck and get him to a vet asap for a once over- even if you think you caught it in time. Heat stroke can result in serious health problems even after your pet is cooled off- including kidney failure and bleeding disorders.
Stay cool!
Hazel and Polly